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11. Scanned copy (PDF) of supporting documents duly signed and stamped should be uploaded in the Folders provided for this purpose. However, ECL reserves the right to verify such documents with the original, if necessary and bidder has to submit the originals to ECL on demand. 12.

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Solar Power Packs, UPS, Inverters, Solar Street Lights, Hand Held Search Light / Dragon Light Prices. Solar HHSL / Dragon Light (contd), Solar Hand Held Rechargeable and LED Torches, Solar Hand Held Metal Detector and Solar Door Frame Metal Detector. Solar Under Vehicle Mirror Trolly, Solar Guard watch Monitor, Solar IR Sensor, Solar Traffic ...

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COMMERCE MINISTRY TO WIND UP DGS & D THIS FISCAL In News The commerce ministry has started the process of shutting down over 100-year-old government procurement arm – Directorate General of Supplies and Disposals (DGS&D)- in this fiscal. 9600124042/ 9840097666 Page 22 UPSC CURRENT AFFAIRS IR August - 2017

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List of channel partners (Not for NABARD programme) Accredited by the Ministry for Off-Grid and Decentralized Solar Applications It is to inform that those channel partners who want to continue with existing rating for another two years may give a letter between 15th and 31st March 2015, so that Ministry will extend the tenure by

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People, It's Hug Time, Big Time Date: 31 October 2018 Link:https:///blogs/et-commentary/people-its-hug-time-big-time/ Remember that old ...

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3.4 The firms will have to supply & install the Rooftop Solar Plant at the site of beneficiaries within 60 days of receipt of funds from the beneficiary, failing which the liquidated damages shall be payable @ 1 % per week, maximum @ 5% of the contract price i.e. @

price within price band of 1.1+15 percent shall also be allowed to supply a portion of requirement bybringing down their price to Ll Price in a situation where Ll price is from someone other than a Micro and Small Enterprise and such Micro and Small Enterprise shall be allowed to supply upto 20 percent of the total tendered value.

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Manufacturer of DGS&D Rates of Electrical items - On Line UPS 1 Kva to 50 Kva, Inverter With Batteries, Battery Chargers ( 5 in 1 ) and Stationary Storage Water Heater Geysers offered by Power System & Control, Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir.


11. Appendix I List of Indian Standards 52 - 55 12. Appendix II Model NIT (for Sub-station) 56 - 97 13. Appendix III Technical Parameter of Compact Air insulated & sandwich bus trunking system. 98 - 100 14. Appendix IV Tables: Area Sub-station, Genset, Rated Values of ACBs, Defl ection of Oil Tanks, Conventional Bus

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Dated 12-FEB-16 for the Supply of Solar Lighting System, White LED Based - 2. Ref : Your Letter No. SSSPL/16-17/1150 Dated 25-MAY-16. Dear Sir, The following amendment to the schedule of the subject Rate Contract is hereby authorised :-All other terms and conditions of the R/C Shall remain unaltered. Please ack. receipt. Yours faithfully,

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55W-90W LED Street light LSL0740-650LD. LSL0740-650LD is cobra head LED street lights with 2 or 4 High power LED modules. It is perfect combination with solar energy. No UV, IR, lead and...View More. Inquiry Now: LED Street Lights High Output LSL0741-6016LD 160W,180W. Save electricity bill.

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List of Valid Rate Contracts. Important -For current rate contract holding firms. Important - For current rate contract holding firms- Amendment No. 10378 dated 03.12.2011. Important - Regarding Ispection - Order No. 488 dated 05-02-2014

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"As per Cabinet Note issued on 12thApril, 2017, DGS&D is being closed on 31stOctober 2017. Hence DGS&D website will be shut down on 31st October, 2017, all the 'user Departments, suppliers may be re-directed to GeM website for all the procurement activities."

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Light source 2 Nos. of White Light Emitting Diode (W-LED) Luminaire (max. 6.0 that the total input power consumption by the luminaire is not more than 6 W (including the LED driver consumption). • 1 No. of White Light Emitting Diode (W-LED) tube light (batten type) (max. 9.0 Watts each). The wattage of the LED used in the luminaire

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Which company recently setup its R and D centre in India for e-commerce solutions? Walmart 60. Which country has been reinstated to the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification tournament? Myanmar 61. At what price the Centre is set to supply rice to all below poverty line families under the proposed Food Security Act? Re.1 per kg 62.

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Solar Street Light MEETA ENGINEERING WORKS Is Manufacturing Solar Street Lights which are well - designed to illuminate large areas with the highest intensity of light. These are used for Commercial quality lighting System, residential Streets, Parking lost and security lighting using high quality of solar system.

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specified in the Schedules annexed has been accepted. This rate contract will be governed by the terms and conditions brought in the Form no. DGS&D 1001 available from dgs&d sales counter on payment of Rs. 50/- .The Rate Contract and the schedules annexed here to shall be the sole repository of this Rate Contract/Transaction. SCHEDULES ANNEXED

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PRICE SCHEDULE (This BOQ template must not be modified/replaced by the bidder and the same should be uploaded after filling the relevent columns, else the bidder is liable to be rejected for this tender. Bidders are allowed to enter the Bidder Name and Values only ) NUMBER # TEXT # TEXT# BASIC RATE In Figures To be entered by the Bidder Rs. P

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20110601 0010R COCont Document3 (Electrical Portion) - Ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online. COUNT


Name of the firm : MOSER BAER SOLAR LIMITED Your request for registration with Directorate General of Supplies & Disposals (DGS&D)has been accepted and your name has been included in the list of registered suppliers as per details given hereunder and in the attached Schedule. REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE Dated : 23-APR-2013

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pdf. CURRENT GK for MBA Entrance Exams. Ananya Misra. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. CURRENT GK for MBA Entrance Exams. Download.

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