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Aryawarta, Dapoli, Ratnagiri
Around Dapoli - The Mahabaleshwar of Konkan
Places to Visit (10 – 30 kms. from Dapoli)
  Asud - Temples on hillock

Shree Keshavraj (Vishnu) temple and Shree Vyaghreshwar temple are located amidst lush green land, a perennial stream and rolling hills. The surroundings are calm and tranquil interrupted only by the harmonious chirping of birds.

  Murud and Karde - Magnificent Beaches

Two adjacent beaches with soft sand and wide expanse. Safe for swimming or you can just wade in the waters with white waves lapping at your feet. Dolphin-spotting and parasailing are the main attractions here. Durga Devi temple in Murud built way back in the 18th Century is worth a visit for the carvings on its wooden pillars.

  Anjarle - Ganesh Temple and Harnai Port

A magnificent temple of lord Ganesh located on a cliff side (“Kadyavarcha Ganpati”) is the primary attraction at Anjarle.
Don’t miss the fish auction that takes place in Harnai in the evenings. It also has ancient forts like Suvarnadurga and Kanakdurga and a Light House.

  Ladghar - Red Sea

Don’t miss the once in a lifetime experience of viewing the sunset at “Tamas Teertha” – the splendid beach here. Part of the sea appears red in color. This beach also has a religious value and lot of people come here to take bathe in the holy waters.

  Dabhol Port

Do pay a visit to the underground temple of Goddess Chandika (“Chandika devi mandir”). The idol is believed to have been formed naturally (“swayambhu”) and the temple is in a cave. The fishing jetty, Gopalgad fort, a beach, dolphin watching are the other attractions.

  Panhalekaji Caves/ Unhavare Hot Water Springs

Ancient, rock cut caves believed to be more than a thousand years old are a treat to architecture lovers. Hindu and Buddhist sculptures cover the walls. These caves are located on the banks of the “Kotjai” river. Upstream this river, situated amidst a picturesque valley, you can bathe in these natural hot springs. The water has medicinal value and can cure some skin diseases.

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Anjarle Beach
Anjarle Temple
Murud Durga Devi Temple
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Dapoli Features
   Virgin beaches, Rivers & Dales
   Dolphin-spotting, Parasailing
   Ancient temples, Jungle trails
   Rock-cut caves
Aryawarta dapoli Resort
Aryawarta Features
   Spacious Accommodation
   Stunning hill-top views
   Ample open spaces
   Delicious variety cuisine
   Warm and 'Simple' Hospitality
Aryawarta dapoli Resort
Map of Interesting Places Around Dapoli

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Aryawarta, Dapoli, Ratnagiri

  Dream Destination in Konkan!

Aryawarta – A heaven in Konkan, Dapoli, Ratnagiri – 415 712 - Maharashtra, INDIA