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Dapoli, Ratnagiri – Maharashtra, INDIA   Dream Destination in Konkan!
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Aryawarta, Dapoli, Ratnagiri
Welcome To Aryawarta - Dapoli

Sequestered between Mumbai and Goa and flanked by the pristine beaches of Murud and Karde, Dapoli is an ideal vacation home at a dream holiday destination in Konkan.

Aryawarta Holiday Village, Dapoli offers Cottage, Bungalow & Villa on a hilltop; that combine home like comforts with beauty of nature and make your holidays memorable.

You can unwind and relax as nature fills your lungs with fresh mountainous air while all the time filling your mind and heart with her beauty. Nature manifests herself here in all its magical colours.

Aryawarta, Dapoli, Ratnagiri All our accommodations are amazingly perched on the scenic contours of a lush green mountain top, blending in with nature ever so gently and creating the perfect tranquil surroundings. Wake up in the morning listening to the delightful chirping of birds. Sound of the wind gushing through the greens is sure to lift your spirits.

Each cottage has a unique design, ample open spaces gardens, lawns, pleasant patios and windy terraces thus affording breath-taking views. Every Cottage has two bed rooms with equal bathrooms and a family room included in each.
Our Amenities
  Food, Seasonal Events and Festivals
   Cable TV
   Backup electrical supply
   Laundry services
Relax at the Resort
Like the Accommodations, our dining hall too is set amidst nature and serves variety of dishes with lots of Konkan specials on the menu.

All meals are served in buffet style to allow sampling of the excellent menu.

Soak yourself in the water fall and dance with the rains at our Aryawarta Farms, Sadavali.

Enjoy our winter celebrations on the hill-top with lively Konkani cultural programmes.

Participate in our Mangoes Unlimited Festival – the Aryawarta way of welcoming the king of fruits.

Experience Indian festivals such as Diwali (Festival of Lights), Makar Sankrant (Festival of Kites), Holi (Festival of colors) etc. in Konkan style.

Give Aryawarta's fresh air a chance to fill your lungs, the beauty a chance to fill your eyes and heart and its friendly staff a chance to take care where nature leaves off.
For enquiries
dial +91 9226174801, 7066453165

Dapoli Features
   Virgin beaches, Rivers & Dales
   Dolphin-spotting, Parasailing
   Ancient temples, Jungle trails
   Rock-cut caves
Aryawarta dapoli Resort
Aryawarta Features
   Spacious Accommodation
   Stunning hill-top views
   Ample open spaces
   Delicious variety cuisine
   Warm and 'Simple' Hospitality
Aryawarta dapoli Resort

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Aryawarta, Dapoli, Ratnagiri

  Dream Destination in Konkan!

Aryawarta – A heaven in Konkan, Dapoli, Ratnagiri – 415 712 - Maharashtra, INDIA